GOLD Plan™

The cheapest savings in gold with smaller amounts.

GOLD Plan™ Gold Investment Plan with the world’s finest ARGOR Heraeus gold is intended for all consumers who are looking for easy savings in gold and want to enrich and create a stable future.

GOLD Plan™ service allows you to buy bullion with multiple gradual investments from EUR 25.00 so it is accessible practically to everyone

Multiple payments are managed in a special consumer’s GOLD Plan™ account, where we keep records of entries, payments and remittances, amount of bullion and other statistics that help the consumer to achieve the best possible savings.

A saving that perserves value

Advantages and benefits

  • The possibility of saving for the future, your offspring and for unpredictable times of crisis.
  • All savings decisions are in your hands.
  • You pay and make money in physical gold rather than in paper.
  • You pay as much as you want and whenever you want.
  • The monthly payment is 25,00 EUR, but a higher amount can be paid at any time.
  • We keep your notices and statistics free of charge and safely under your unique reference number.
  • When buying and selling bullion, natural and legal persons are exempt from paying value added tax. Natural persons are also exempt from paying taxes on capital profits.
  • Investment in gold is a form of saving that preserves value and is easily transferable to heirs.
  • Gold is an investment that is resistant to financial and global crises.
  • You do not need to worry about storing your bullion.
  • You can take over the bullion that you have saved from any branch of the company.
  • The option to resign from the services without any additional cost and restrictions and free investment advice at any time during the conclusion of the accession documentation.

Registration procedure

The initial steps to access the GOLD Plan™ service


Call +386 80 24 28 or
click for a lsit of branch offices.


  • Fill out the Accession Documentation.
  • Identify yourself with an identity document
  • Submit the documentation by post or physically at the branch office.


In case of signing the Accession Documentation, we will open your special GOLD Plan™ account where your payment statistics and the number of proprietary bullions that you have saved are kept.