Get rid of your worries and save your bullion in the most secured vaults. The storage of bullion is adequately secured so you can safely protect your investment savings without worrying.

At the deposit, you will receive a “letter of guarantee“, with which you can withdraw the stored bullion at any time. The contract is concluded for a period of one year (free storage), with the possibility of extension.

In the event that you decide to take the investment gold into your own home storage, contact us at a free phone number +386 80 24 28 or by e-mail: and you will receive your investment within 8 business days.

»Investments in gold are popular mainly due to the instability of global economic markets and monetary currencies. Gold does not lose, but is constantly growing in value. With the money that will be the result of your investment, you will be able to afford a wide variety of goods or save it for your descendants. You are restricted only by your wishes.«

Buy gold and silver bullion

Buy gold and silver bullion, gold and silver coins at affordable prices! The tiles of the Swiss mint Argor Heraeus with the Good Delivery standard are offered in denominations from 1g to 1000g. The gold value is 999.9/1000.